Ventrac 4520 Tractor

Through Ventrac’s advanced engineering and design efforts, the best mix of machine performance, operator experience, and durability has come together in the 4520 tractor.

The Ventrac 4520 tractor combines all wheel drive and an articulating chassis with a low center of gravity to provide superior traction, braking, stability, and security on tough terrain and slopes without disturbing turf when turning. The attachment is placed out in front in a natural view, offering greater precision, as well as maximum protection for the operator.

Ventrac’s SDLA control, located next to the operator, allows for easy control of Speed, Direction, Lift, and Auxiliary functions with one hand.


  • 30+ attachment options intentionally engineered to maximise the productivity of your Ventrac tractor.


  • Customise your user experience and expand your capabilities with our expansive offering of accessories.

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£35,995.00 Ex. VAT

1 in stock (can be backordered)

Additional Benefits:

All-Wheel Drive

  • Full Time All-Wheel Drive
  • Maximum Performance in every situation

Light Footprint

  • 8 Tires for better weight distribution
  • Minimized impact on turf
  • Operate on soft ground conditions

Low Profile

  • Compact Design allows for better utilisation of trailer/shop space
  • Center of Gravity for optimised for stability, especially when mowing slopes

Effortless Steering/Controls (SDLA)

  • Intuitive Controls
  • Quick response
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Use

Weight Transfer

  • Increased Stability
  • Better Traction
  • Improved Slope Performance
  • Quick Adjusting
  • Control of Mowing Stripes


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