Stiga Park 900 WX

The STIGA Park 900 WX out-front mower brings you maximum power and minimum hassle, featuring a commercial-grade twin-cylinder STIGA ST 650 engine, 4-wheel-drive Tuff Torq transaxle transmission, and light 50:50 articulation with power steering. Its front-mounted floating deck also includes extra-wide cutting choices from 95cm to 125cm. The result? Fast mowing, smooth driving on bumpy surfaces, clear out-front views, easy access to corners, and accurate cutting along edges.
  • Commercial-grade twin-cylinder STIGA ST 650 engine.
  • 4-wheel-drive Tuff Torq transaxle transmission for better climbing.
  • Front-mounted deck with cutting widths from 95cm to 125cm.
  • Enhanced ergonomic seat.
  • Bluetooth module and app notifies of tasks, such as maintenance.
  • Cutting deck not included – Suggested Combi Pro 110 Q Plus.

£8,643.33£8,739.17 Ex. VAT

Flexible front-mounted deck with wide cutting.

Better visibility, accessibility and cutting, even on uneven surfaces; Quick Flip mechanism for effortless cleaning; and a generous choice of cutting widths from 95cm to 125cm.

Unmatched 50:50 articulation with power steering

Power steering and chassis design make it easy to manoeuvre and avoid obstacles.

Ergonomic side dashboard with large compartment.

Intuitive features include quick-start and cutting-height adjustment, and a spacious compartment for belongings.

Comfortable, safe and connected.

Ergonomic high-back-support seat with arm rests and dual-parallel suspension; high-beam LED headlights provide great visibility; and Bluetooth connection delivers maintenance updates to your digital device.

Innovative bonnet for better cooling.

Enables a higher air intake for more efficient cooling, lower working temperatures and smoother rides.

STIGA engines (petrol)

STIGA petrol engines are the power behind a whole range of machines – from lawn mowers and tractors to swift-to-start sweepers. Meticulously designed and rigorously tested – only the ones with maximum performance and minimum emissions make the cut.


Look forward to performing a clean sweep in 30 seconds – or less. With STIGA’s QuickFlip technology, quickly lift your front mower cutting deck and rinse with a garden hose, for a near effortless post-mow clear up.

Why mulching?

Mulching spreads finely chopped grass over your lawn that decomposes returning valuable nutrients into the soil -think of it as a natural, invisible eco-fertilizer that protects against drought. Mulching your lawn is also much quicker - eliminating the need to stop multiple times to empty the grass collector, typically saving 30% of your time. All-round ‘win-win’.

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Mowing Deck

Combi Pro 110 Q Plus, Combi Pro 125 Q Plus

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