Stiga Gyro 900E

The STIGA Gyro is the only drive-by-wire joystick mower with STIGA patented Direct Drive technology. With a 125 cm, 3-blades cutting deck and its intuitive driving system, STIGA Gyro 900e gives the user fully control the machine’s direction, steering and speed. Battery-powered and safe, it covers up to 13000 sqm area. Up to 150 minutes runtime on one charge.
  • STIGA patented Direct Drive technology
  • Up to 13000 sqm on one charge
  • 125 cm working width (with 3 freely rotating blades)
  • Up to 13 km/h top ground speed
  • STIGA Smart cutting & driving mode
  • STIGA ePower integrated battery pack

£9,000.00 Ex. VAT

STIGA Direct Drive technology

This unique STIGA patented system improves the driveability - 360° turning radius - and reliability of the machine.

High-area productivity

125 cm heavy-duty cutting deck can manage lawns up to 13000 sqm on just one charge.

Safety first - speed limitations and safety brake

Clever weight distribution and just 55.3 cm low centre of gravity gives optimum stability to face slopes or uneven surfaces up to 15°.

Designed around users of all shapes and sizes

With unobstructed access, wide footboard giving plenty of legroom and all the electronic controls at reach, Gyro 900e is the perfect machine for any gardener.

Control over every mowing situation

Choose between three cutting and driving speeds to suit your mowing needs, and in addition, use the central lever to adjust the deck height to eight positions.

A truly reliable battery pack

With the highest quality chemistry from the automotive industry to be as efficient as possible. Tested at a ‘real-life’ usage current to stay strong after 500 charging and discharging cycles - equating to almost 10 years of weekly machine usage.

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