Segway Visionfence (required For Certain Lawns)

With AI Inside, Visionfence Sensor enables your Navimow to detect various objects and mow even more intelligently.


£224.99 Ex. VAT

See More Cut Better

Trees, fences, or edges of the lawn... See what's ahead, and know what to do.

AI Inside, Smarter than Ever

Integrated with artificial intelligence algorithm, dedicated AI chip for data processing.

Enhanced Obstacle Avoidance

Significantly Improved obstacle avoidance via integrated visual perception technology.

Adaptable to More Complex Yards

Enable Navimow to handle highly complex areas previously considered challenging.

Wide Detection Range

140 field of view, see the full range.

Capture Every Move

Accurately capture moving objects and react in time.

Quick Set-up

Install and go. Compatible with all Navimow H-series products.

Easy Update

Get software updates via Wi-Fi connection.

Weather Proof

IPX7 waterproof level, build to endure.


Additional information

Weight 323 kg




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