Kawasaki Mule SX


The MULE SX 4×4 rides on 24 inch tyres and offers selectable 2WD and 4WD with Hi-Lo dual-range
transfer case and rear differential lock. Kawasaki PRO styling, tilting steering wheel
and the dependable OHV 410cc engine, 181kg load and 500kg towing capacity make
this a true Go-Anywhere vehicle.

Available Colours: Green


£8,178.00 Ex. VAT

Parking Brake

Pulling the parking  brake lever (conveniently located to the left of the
driver’s seat) operates a mechanical internal  expansion type brake
for the rear wheels.

Automotive Dashboard Design

Automotive-style dashboard designed based on that of the PRO Series
models puts all controls within easy reach of the driver.

Increased Comfort

Idealised front and rear suspension settings offer the following benefits:
- increased stability
- improved suspension action, contributing to off-road bump absorption
and ground following, as well as increased ride comfort
- improved handling response, facilitating control

Tilt Steering

Steering wheel has a stepless adjustability range of approximately 29o, allowing drivers to set its position to suit their preference, as well as lift it out of the way to facilitate getting in and out of the vehicle


Belt-driven automatic transmission with a Hi-Lo dual-range transfer case gives the 4WD models excellent off-road riding capability. Two forward speeds to choose from lend flexibility when hill-climbing with a heavy load.

Tough, rugged styling

Pickup truck style front hood, front grill and headlamp design modelled after the PRO Series MULE flagship models give the MULE SX models a tougher, rugged image like their bigger brethren.

Rugged Chassis

Highly durable ladder-type tubular steel frame designed for an ideal
blend of rigidity and ride comfort.

Compact Size

Overall width is 1,335 mm; length is 2,710 mm. Tread measures 1,055 mm (front) and 1,000 mm (rear). Wheelbase is 1,780 mm.

Simple, Reliable Engine

The MULE SX is powered by a 401 cm3, 4-stroke, OHV, air-cooled engine. Compact, lightweight and durable, the engine is extremely reliable.

Cargo Bed & Towing Capacity

Cargo bed dimensions are 1,040 x 905 x 245 mm. Its square, flat design makes it easy to load from three sides.

A cargo bed load capacity of 181kg and towing capacity of 500kg (including trailer and cargo).

Ample Range

16-litre fuel tank gives the fuel-efficient MULEs ample operating range. Redesigned fuel tank filler hole makes refuelling much easier.


Removable front hood allows quick access to a spacious 60-litre sealed storage area. The hood releases are on the cab side, allowing access from inside the cab.

Additional information

Weight 323 kg






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