Kawasaki Mule Pro-MX


Delivering all the rugged, reliable and adaptable attributes that Kawasaki’s MULE utility
vehicle brand is justifiably famous for, the Kawasaki MULE PRO-MX range relies not only
on a torque laden 700cc CVT single-cylinder equipped engine but also benefits from
the Shinari design philosophy.

Available Colours: Green


£11,678.00 Ex. VAT

Independent Front & Rear Suspension

Double-wishbone suspension is used both front and rear to enable each of the wheels to drive over obstacles with minimum effect on the chassis.

700cc Single-Cylinder Engine

In addition to offering plenty of towing and carrying capacity for hauling cargo at work or outdoor supplies for weekend fun, the highly reliable fuelinjected 700cc single-cylinder engine’s superior torque contributes to a fun-to-drive character and facilitates lowspeed operation.

“Just Right” Size

Measuring 2,795 mm (110”) long and 1,525 mm (60”) wide, with a 2,005 mm (79”) wheelbase, the PRO-MX’s midsize package offers mobility and manoeuvrability that facilitate negotiating tight trails, while capably providing the carrying performance to make chores a breeze, or haul gear for a weekend in the Great Outdoors.

Beefy 25” Tyres

The MULE PRO-MX is equipped with 25” tyres on 12” rims. The large 25” radial tyres provide great off-road traction, ensure ample ground clearance and complement the rugged styling.

Automotive Dashboard Design

Like on the MULE PRO Series flagship models, an automotive-style dashboard puts all controls within easy reach. Digital instrumentation provides at-a-glance information. And the centre console comes prepped for an accessory audio system.

Doors Standard

Like all the MULE PRO Series models, the PRO-MX comes standard with doors, offering a level of mud protection while facilitating getting in and out of the vehicle.

Storage bin

Storage bin (5.3 litres) located under the passenger’s seat offers convenient storage. A steel plate protects the storage bin from rock strikes.

Cargo Bed & Towing Capacity

A tandard 2” tow hitch receiver is compatible with a wide range of accessory hitches.

The MULE Pro-MX has a 317kg cargo bed load capacity and 680kg towing capacity (including trailer and cargo).

Digital Instrumentation

A multi-function display is built into the dash. Features include: driving mode (2WD/4WD) indicator digital speedometer digital fuel gauge clock odometer dual trip meters hour meter differential indicator lamp engine check lamp EPS warning lamp water temperature warning lamp seatbelt warning lamp parking indicator lamp reverse indicator lamp neutral indicator lamp

Shinari-Tuned Frame

Shinari is a Japanese term that describes the elasticity that enables an object to bend without breaking and return to its original shape – similar to how a hunting bow or fishing pole behaves. Tuned for the ideal shinari characteristics, the PRO-MX’s rugged frame construction benefits not only durability, but handling and ride comfort as well.

Contoured Bench Seat: Roomy Seating for Two

Complementing ample shoulder, knee and legroom for two adults, the bench seat features contoured seating for both driver and passenger, contributing to the PRO-MX’s superb comfort.

EPS & Tilt-Adjustable Steering Wheel

Kawasaki’s high-grade electric power steering (EPS) system is speed sensitive, offering light steering at low speed, while reducing assistance as vehicle speed increases to tighten up the steering. It also enhances ride comfort and control by acting as damping system, reducing bump steer and kickback to the steering wheel caused by shocks to the wheels.
Drivers can set the position of the tilt-adjustable steering wheel to suit their preference, as well as lift it out of the way to facilitate getting in and out of the vehicle.

Favourable Off-road Dimensions

High approach and departure angles (67˚ and 63˚, respectively) also contribute to the MULE PRO-MX’s offroad performance. Minimising bodywork overhang (positioning the wheels as close to the bumpers as possible) reduces the chance of hitting the bumper or scraping the tail when going up or coming down steep slopes.

Steel Parts

In addition to the PRO Series-style steel bumper, a conscious choice to use steel parts for areas like the diamond-plate cargo bed and floorboards contribute to the PRO-MX’s tough image, and reflect its strong build.

Short Turning Radius

Short 4.2 m (13.8 ft) turning radius makes it easier to negotiate tight corners in the woods or on trail courses.

Strong, Reliable Brakes

Front and rear disc brakes ensure strong, sure stopping power – especially when combined with the engine braking. The hydraulic disc system offers predictable performance, delivering brake power that matches input at the brake pedal.

Tough, rugged styling

Designed to reflect their tough construction and capable performance, the MULE PRO-MX models feature new styling inspired by the rugged, no-nonsense design of the MULE PRO Series flagship models.

Electrically Selectable 4WD & Rear Differential Lock

Electrically “selectable” 1 2WD/4WD and dualmode rear differential system allow easy changing between drive systems to suit changing terrain and applications.

Electric Power Steering

Kawasaki’s highgrade electric power steering (EPS) system works best when you need it most: at extremely slow speed and when stopped. Turning the wheel causes a signal to be sent to the EPS ECU, initiating assistance. The ECU uses input from a vehicle speed sensor and torque sensor to determine the amount of steering assistance required from the system’s electric motor. At slow speed or when stopped, assistance is greatest; assistance is reduced as vehicle speed increases, tightening up the steering.

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