Kawasaki Mule Pro-DXT


The utility vehicle of choice for many professionals such as farmers,
gamekeepers  and grounds-care experts. The MULE Pro-DXT stands
at the top of the Kawasaki MULE series.

Available Colours: Green


£16,678.00 Ex. VAT

Cargo and Towing Capacity

The PRO-DXT also offers a spacious cargo bed. Cargo bed dimensions are 1,085 mm L x 1,363 mm W x 279 mm H in two-person mode, 560 mm x 1,363 mm x 279 mm in four-person mode.

The MULE Pro-DXT has a cargo bed load capacity of 453kg with 2 people and 158kg with 4 people, and a 907kg towing capacity (including trailer and cargo).

Bright Headlights

Dual 55/60 W headlights and standard LED lights cut a bright path through the dark for clear visibility on night rides.

Gas-assisted tilting cargo bed.

Gas-assisted tilting cargo bed facilitates accessing the engine.

Digital Instrumentation

Multi-function display built into the dash is standard on all models.

Simple, Rugged Styling

Designed to reflect their tough construction and strong performance, the MULE PRO-DXT and PRO-DX feature rugged, no-nonsense styling similar to that found on high-quality pickup trucks.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Front and rear disc brakes ensure strong, sure stopping power. The hydraulic disc system offers predictable performance, delivering brake power that matches input at the brake pedal.

Electrically Selectable 4WD & Rear Differential Lock

Electrically “selectable” 2WD/4WD and dualmode rear differential system allow easy changing between drive systems to suit
changing terrain and applications.

Four person seating capacity

The MULE PRO-DXT has the capacity to allow a maximum of three passengers to join the driver for work and leisure activities.

Electric Power Steering

Kawasaki’s high-grade electric power steering (EPS) system works best when you need it most: at extremely slow speed and when stopped.

One-minute, One-person Transformation

The Trans Cab system allows the MULE PRO-DXT to be transformed from four-person to two-person mode in less than a minute. The sliding cargo wall is integrated with the cargo bed making it possible for a single person to execute the transformation.

Room for two

Then slide the cargo wall forward; lower the cargo wall struts and reattached the seat latches to secure the cargo wall.

Room for four

Cargo bed side walls are hinged, allowing the front parts to fold out of the way when the cargo wall slides into its rearward position.

Quick conversion

To transform from four-person mode to two-person mode, release the seat latches and lift the cargo wall struts to disengage the cargo wall securing mechanism; fold the seat bottom out of the way; slide the cargo wall forward; lower the cargo wall struts and reattached the seat latches to secure the cargo wall.

Tilt Steering

Steering wheel has a stepless adjustability range of approximately 34o, allowing drivers to set its position to suit their preference, as well as lift it out of the way to facilitate getting in and out of the vehicle.

Powerful 993 cm3 Diesel Engine

In addition to on-site fuel compatibility, the high-torque three-cylinder diesel engine of the MULE PRO-DXT and PRO-DX offers excellent performance for hauling loads, as well as easy low-speed control.  Vehicle top speed is up to 30 mph.

Stable, Wide-body Chassis

The MULE PRO-DXT and PRO-DX combine a wide-body chassis with a 2,345 mm wheelbase. This contributes to riding stability and comfort, while offering easy operability and manoeuvrability.

Additional information

Weight 323 kg






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