Iseki SXG327 48″ Deck W/Low Tip Collector

The SXG Range is the ultimate in cut and collection mowers, with the ability to perform exceptionally even in the wet conditions, allowing you to work without the weather restricting you.  Whether you are mowing your lawn, an estate or numerous contracts the versatile ISEKI SXG range of mowers cut and collect leaving a superior finish.  Designed, engineered and built in Japan to offer the most reliable, high quality diesel mower on the market for the most demanding of users.

To help make disposing of grass cuttings easy the SXG327 has an hydraulically operated high or low tip collection system which can lift up to a height of 2.08m. Built to be perfectly balanced, even when the collector is full and tipping from maximum height, there are no additional weights required.


  • 21.6hp diesel engine
  • 48″ width of cut mower deck
  • Low tip collector up to 650ltr capacity

£17,438.00£18,233.00 Ex. VAT


The large capacity, low revving 1123cc engine the SXG324 19.4hp and SXG327 21.6hp creates very little vibration and wear and tear on the engine itself, whilst also being very fuel efficient and powerful. The SXG216 has a powerful 13.5hp, low revving 688cc, 2 cylinder diesel engine ideal for tackling parks and gardens.

Maximise Airflow

For maximum airflow from the decks through to the collector the airvents on top of the mower deck can be opened or closed to allow as much grass and debris as possible to be picked up and passed through to the collector.  This is especially useful when collecting heavier wetter grass. In the summer these can be closed to avoid excess dust and debris being kicked up when cutting dry areas

Why Does it Cut and Collect so Well?

Renowned for its exceptional cut and collect abilities, the SXG mower range has a number of attributes that allow the machine to cut and collect with no blockages and leave a superior finish everytime.

The rear axle is mounted high under the seat out of the way with chain drive to each of the rear wheels, this allows the grass to flow straight through from the deck to the collector with no obstructions to avoid unwanted blockages.

Deflector Fitted

Alternatively, instead of purchasing a collector for your SXG you can have a deflector fitted, allowing you to cut and drop the grass clippings with an evenly dispersed spread for a neat and tidy finish.

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