Canycom CMX1402

The Entry Level AWD

The entry level AWD Brush cutter CMX1402 is a 8.7kW (11.8ps), horizontal shaft Honda GX390 engine that has a chain driven overhead cam shaft. It is a All Wheel Drive (AWD) unit that has all the features associated with the modern sports type platform, including shaft drive deck, high & low ratio gearbox, the complete safety system including drum brake and hydrostatic drive train that can be hand or foot operated.

£9,106.00 Ex. VAT

HONDA GX390 with cyclone air cleaner

The cleaner's mesh screen is designed to effectively take in air, directing it to three tubular cyclone chambers. Each turbo fin-shaped entrance efficiently accelerates the air as it travels from top to bottom, forcing particulates from the air stream. This design allows dirt and debris to be trapped and removed prior to reaching the Foam Pre-Cleaner. The smallest particles are finally isolated and treated by a Pleated Air Filter—so that only clean air enters the engine. Due to this high particulate removal efficiency, Honda GX engines with the Cyclone Air Cleaner benefit from a maintenance interval that is three times longer than Honda engines with standard dual element air cleaners.

Comfortable Suspension Seat

GRAMMER products are made to be ergonomic, user-friendly, comfortable and safe.

Low Seating Position

With an extremely low operator position you can safely cut around obstacles and under low trees. The Canycom mower is the safest on the market for mowing on slopes. The low height and long wheel base makes the mower exceptionally stable, virtually hugging the ground. Mow slopes of up to 25°!



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